Going around Bohol was easier [and cheaper] for us because we were twelve in the group. We got a tour package which was offered by Arabelle Suites. The tour packages that other agencies offer are just similar since the destinations are fixed for Countryside Tour and Panglao Island Tour. Our tour guide and van driver was Kuya Joel [+639484076476].

Countryside Tour (click for the rates)

  • Free lunch at Loboc Cruise
  • Free entrances to all destinations listed below
    • Blood Compact
    • Baclayon Church Only
    • Python
    • Loboc Floating Restaurant
    • Tarsier
    • Man-made forest
    • Butterfly Sanctuary
    • Shiphaus
    • Hanging Bridge
    • Chocolate Hills
    • ATV tour
    • Chocolate Hills Adventure Park [CHAP]

NOTE: We had a few adjustments to the itinerary according to our preference. We had to exclude some areas to give more time for ATV and CHAP.

We had lots of free time for our first day. We didn’t rush checking in and we still had to wait for Sittie and Abby to arrive in Tagbilaran since they had a later flight schedule. Our plan for that day was just to relax and explore Tagbilaran City.

Bohol National Museum

(c) Aislynn Manuel

The first place we visited in Bohol was, of course, the National Museum to know more about Bohol’s history and culture. For me, it was our way of getting acquainted to this province and get an overview of what Bohol has to offer.

(c) Aislynn Manuel
(c) Ais Manuel
(c) Ais Manuel
(c) Ais Manuel

The museum wasn’t that spacious inside, but I think it was enough to exhibit everything we need to know from how the island of Bohol was formed, to its first citizens, their flora and fauna, and delicacies. They also had small versions of their churches. It was really helpful because we weren’t able to see their original form in person anymore due to the earthquake.

Chocolate Hills ATV Tour

Squad Goals

Since this tour wasn’t originally included in the Countryside Tour package, I scouted for the ATV [All-Terrain Vehicle] rentals available in Carmen. There are many guides that offer ATV tours so here are some of them:

Cecel Maiza

Christian Vincent Remorosa
09098811792 / 09391325887

Michael Leida or Janice Iroy
09212106440 / 09399106902

[I got the contact numbers from the Bohol tourism site here. They also have answers to your FAQs about this activity. This site is so helpful. Check it out!]

We rented or ATVs from Kuya Michael [ATV Guided Tour] and he offered us a discounted one-hour tour for P750 each since we were 12. We got 8 solo ATVs and two buggy carts [for 2 pax]. We originally planned to avail the half-hour tour only at P450 since we were trying to be ~matipid~ about it. However, we just decided to extend our tour when we reached the half-hour mark because we felt like it was bitin if we’d go back right away.

It felt like we were in Mario Kart or some video game race
Three Sisters Hill

We were all first-timers in driving the ATV and it wasn’t that difficult to control it. It gets kinda tricky, though, when you drive by puddles of mud because it will really splash like crazy and it might get messy for you or the person beside you. Splashes of mud got wilder when we were racing against each other. Oh who cares, the messier the merrier!

Eat my mud bztches! Jk 🙂

Seeing the hills from afar like in typical tourist photos is indeed a must-do in Bohol. But this activity, my friends, really changed the Bohol tour game. You should never miss doing the ATV tour. I repeat, YOU SHOULD NEVER MISS THIS PART.

Chocolate Hills Vantage Point

The hill was also one helluva climb, so do not underestimate the cuteness of it in photos. The vantage point was also one of the hills so we can also be proud to say that we were able to climb a chocolate hill aside from driving around them. Hah! So much for Bohol Goals.

Squat Goals


Chocolate Hills Adventure Park [CHAP]

Half of our Countryside Tour was actually more like a Chocolate Hills Tour because we had different versions of seeing them doing different activities. This time, we’re going to do The Rush Zip Bike! Why was it called so? You’ll find out.

(c) Ais Manuel

We availed the Snake Ladder or the Tree Top Rope Challenge A which included three activities [Island in the Sky, Burma Loops, and Mini Zipline] and the bike zip.

Burma Loop. The photographer was following me everywhere I go with the Tree Top Challenge. I had a paparazzi for P100. HAHA.
Sneaked in a group photo with Steffi, Carroll, Ferlyn, Meg, and Sittie while waiting for the Island in the Sky

Guests are prohibited to take photos during the activities so we had to avail the services of CHAP’s staff photographers for P100. The deal is, you can have as many photos as you can, copy them in your memory card, and have one photo printed. Take note that the photo coverage for the Zip Bike and Tree Top Activities are separate. I was the only one who availed both of them because I thought the first one will be for the bike zip as well–which was obviously not.

I’m not the new CHAP model, don’t worry. The photo coverage was only for the person who paid for it so… It felt like I was doing a debut shoot while losing all my poise [if any] doing the challenges.
DSC_0168 (2)
Longest two-way bike ride of my life so far

I was obviously too scared to take my hands off the bike handles because I was the last person who took the ride. No one was with me on the other side so I was just scared af. I know I was the one who suggested this activity to my friends, but I was just too scared during my turn. Haha! Sorry. There were so many fear factors out there: the height, the length of the trail to get to the other side while the wind was blowing hard, and the idea that the bike’s wheels might get removed from the rope which will be the end of it. *Exaggeration*

There were only a few people in CHAP when we got there. Probably because it was almost lunch time and most of the tourists are in Loboc River having their lunch. We did the Bike Zip first. The staff were friendly and they really made sure we were geared up for safety and they provided us with hair nets before putting our helmets on. It was kinda weird in photos though because we looked like we were going to a surgery or something. Well at least, they were just being hygienic. 🙂

You can also have your photo session at CHAP with the Hills as your background. It’s a less crowded area with less photobombers. 🙂
This is a more DP-able spot than the vantage point, I think. (c) Ais Manuel

For more details and package rates, go to http://chocolatehillsadventurepark.com/

PS. The models were kinda disturbing tho. They were riding the zip bike and other activities while wearing bikini tops. Their tarps were even everywhere in Bohol with those photos. So much for being wholesome family-friendly. Just saying 🙂


Coming up: HOHOL sa Bohol Part 3 – The rest of the Countryside Tour, Sea Tour, and Panglao Tour!