Hello World!

I used to blog a lot during high school and college when Multiply and Tumblr were the hype back then. Unfortunately, my blogging habit suddenly faded away due to my ‘busy’ schedule along with the advent of Facebook and Twitter. Blogging used to be a fun part of my daily routine but it eventually became a task for me back then because I would only write in blogs whenever I was required for a certain subject.

Fast forward to March 2015. Almost a year after graduating from college, I was bitten by the travel bug when I had my first major trip to Palawan with my Harmonya friends. I’ve been to other places in the Philippines before, but there was something about that El Nido and Puerto Princesa experience that made me tell myself that I would really want to see more of our beautiful country. Right after that trip, I was looking for more places to visit that I invited my college friends to book a trip to Bohol. And then it was followed by Cebu a month after. Ugh, these airfare promos badly got into me [and my pocket] as if I was addicted to it!

Even though I am not much of a photographer with the lack of a good camera, I tried taking nice photos during my trips to immortalize the experience. However, I also realized that photos were not enough for me to preserve the memories so I decided to rekindle my ~passion~ for blogging. It might be quite late for this realization but at least I will now have an online journal of the things that I have learned from my travels in terms of packing, planning, booking flights etc. Most importantly, I will get to verbalize my greater appreciation for this world and this life.

I hope you’d enjoy reading my posts and at the same time learn about my travels. 🙂